Reputation Checklist

Holding a healthy reputation on the internet can make or break your digital influence. Here is a simple checklist of crucial items to have for managing your reputation. Social Media: Make sure you have your name on all top social media profiles. It also helps to have your name associated with Social Bookmarking sites such […]

SEO News for Oct-6-10

Twitter Suing US Government over Surveillance Disclosures In an effort to improve transparency to its users Twitter has files a law against the US Justice Department FISA and National Security Letters. Twitter feels this this unability to disclouse this information to its user is a violation of the First Amendment Right of Free Speech Read […]

Has Penguin 3.0 Launched?

Ladies and Gentlemen hold on to your hats! After much speculation and anticipation, we believe Google’s latest update to it’s Penguin algorithm has begun.  We are seeing a significant increase in client rankings where we have submitted an updated disavow file. Google has yet to respond to our request for confirmation. To all the webmasters […]

Microsoft Scroogling Google

I received an email notification from Microsoft this morning when I arrived at my office. The subject … “Our terms are changing”. Now, maybe I’m jaded but I immediately rolled my eyes and thought, “Great, what right have I lost now that I need to give up to keep either my OS or my office […]

Google Car Doesn’t Need Humans

The biggest problem on the road?  All those pesky people.  It seems that Google has isolated the same problem with their car as they have with their algorithm and are working to deal with it in much the same way … take all those unpredictable humans out of the equation. To do this Google announced […]

New Microsoft CEO – Satya Nadella

On February 4th Microsoft announced a new CEO. His name is Satya Nadella and he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with. Nadella, 46, is the third CEO of the company and it’s his “youth” and background in both business AND engineering that make him an excellent choice.  What’s clear in this decision […]


Googcology It looks like the dream of living in that 1960’s cartoon show, The Jetsons is quickly coming to pass. Google just acquired the home control company, Nest and is probably the best company to advance this kind of technology. Although this advanced way of living meets our futuristic passion for a Star Trek lifestyle, […]