SEO News for Oct-6-10

Top SEO News From Around The Web: Sept 15-19

Twitter Suing US Government over Surveillance Disclosures

In an effort to improve transparency to its users Twitter has files a law against the US Justice Department FISA and National Security Letters. Twitter feels this this unability to disclouse this information to its user is a violation of the First Amendment Right of Free Speech

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Google Considers Adding Mobile UX to Ranking Algorithm

At SMX East, Google Engineer and Analyst Gary Illyes suggested that webmasters focus on user experience across devices, this coming after an announcement for Google earlier this year that Googlebot is now crawling and rendering pages in both desktop and mobile versions.

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New “In the News” Box Now Pulls Content From Sources Other Than New Sites

Google replacement to the old “News For” appears to pulling from more sources than just Google News. The new “In the News” box on search results pages now includes content from across the web, including Reddit post, blogs, videos other non-traditional news sources.

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Google (Now) Outperforms Siri and Cortana in Direct Answers, Study Finds

In a recent study put out by Stone Temple Consulting, the Google Now app outperformed The study compared the three personal assistant app to a wide range of queries, grading each one on the accuracy and completeness of its answers.

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Googles Disavow Files Process Automatically, No Humans Allowed

In a tweet earlier this week Google’s John Mueller confirmed that disavow files sent to Google are handled automatically, with no human review. This process only applies to website that has incurred an algorithm penalty, and site under manual penalty still get reviewed by the Google Search Team.

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Bill Reminders Coming to Google Now App

Google Now can now be set up to reminder users when bills are due.

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Elon Musk Warns of Looming Robot Apocalypse

Founder of Telsa Motor and SpaceX Elon Musk spoke out stage at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit to warn attendee that the rapid progress in the field of artificial intelligence could have dire consequences for humanity.

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