Consulting Services

Beanstalk Internet Marketing offers consulting services to companies wishing to:

  1. Do their own search engine optimization using in-house staff but wanting a head start through consultation with Internet marketers who already have a solid understanding of what’s going on in the search engine world and what’s coming up.
  2. Understand what their competition is doing and how the holes in their optimization may be used to beat them.
  3. Understand how their site design is working for or against them on the search engines and learn how to optimize their site structure and create search engine friendly sites in the future.
  4. Gain an in-depth knowledge of what keyword targets stand to be the most profitable.
  5. Understand how to develop an excellent link building regimen to maximize the hours spent building optimal links.

…or all of the above.

Companies may wish to be advised on one or more of these aspects of their website. We offer or consulting services to make sure you get the right Internet marketing advice, and enable you to optimize your website and also build on that in the future.

We will give advice that promotes high rankings but does not compromise your domain with black-hat SEO tactics that could very well get your site penalized or even black-listed in the future.

Beanstalk’s Consulting Services

Our SEO Telephone & Personal Consulting Services

Our SEO consulting services are charge per hour with an initial telephone consultation of one hour required in advance where we will ask you to take us through your site explaining why certain functions and features were included and why the site was designed the way it was. This step is extremely important as we do not want you to pay for advice from us that it based on changes that cannot be made, or false understandings of the way your site functions.

If possible, it is best to have the web designer present for this initial consultation in order to better address technical issues and so that we may get a better understanding of their skills and/or limitations, or so that they can explain how certain aspects of your site function if there are database scripts or content management systems (CMS) in use.

Our SEO consulting services are charged at $250/hr*.

If travel is required, travel time will be charged at $100/hr* plus expenses.

As a note, to save you time and money it is often beneficial to begin with one of our audits which will leave you with an extensive document to work from and which will significantly reduce the number of hours of consulting time by addressing many of the issues in advance.

Our SEO Email Consulting Services

Sometimes you simply hit a scenario and you’re not sure what to do and you need someone to ask. Whether this is in regards to your site structure, link building, or one of the other various factors at play in SEO.

When you simply have a question or two and you don’t mind waiting up to 2 business days for a reply then your email consulting services may be what you’re looking for. Get accurate, knowledgeable answers to your SEO questions and know that you’re doing the right thing for your website rankings.

Email consulting services are charged at $50/question*.
* All pricing is in US dollars.