Microsoft Scroogling Google

Microsoft scroogles Google.

I received an email notification from Microsoft this morning when I arrived at my office. The subject … “Our terms are changing”. Now, maybe I’m jaded but I immediately rolled my eyes and thought, “Great, what right have I lost now that I need to give up to keep either my OS or my office suite. Turns out they had their eye on Google, now me.

In what can only be viewed as a cheeky attack on Google their email discusses a few  changes but none as clear-in-target as their section on privacy which reads:

As part of our ongoing commitment to respecting your privacy, we won’t use your documents, photos or other personal files or what you say in email, chat, video calls or voice mail to target advertising to you.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has attacked Google on privacy issues.  In November of 2013 they launched their Scroogled line of products (the shirt in the image above is one of them) in the Microsoft store.  That product launch got a lot of backlash but personally I found it entertaining.  They also launched the Scroogled site at basically slamming every product Google has and their privacy issues.

Let the games continue …