Reputation Checklist



Holding a healthy reputation on the internet can make or break your digital influence. Here is a simple checklist of crucial items to have for managing your reputation.

Social Media:
Make sure you have your name on all top social media profiles. It also helps to have your name associated with Social Bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Crunchbase and Delicious. If these sites offer custom urls make sure that your name is clearly associated.
Build these properties up while creating a strong following. Having a strong social profile can contribute to your authored content to rank well.
If you’re not sure how influential you are you can use Klout or Kred. These profiles asses how well you engage by giving you a score (The Higher the Better). Many PR and marketing firms use these scores to see if you’re a good candidate to work with their representing brand.

Name in the Domain:
Set up a personal website with your name associated with a top level domain. Once you have this Publish content that has your name mentioned often in all tags including header tags. Don’t overuse your name and make sure you have your name listed as the author.

Everybody Loves You in Pictures:
Make sure that any likeness of you is tagged with your name in the url. If other sites are interviewing you ask them if they could add your name into the url. Go to image sharing sites and have those places add a link back to your site.


Get Out There and Network:
Network with groups your interests are relevant with the groups. Many people prefer using Twitter to network as well as LinkedIn but take advantage of all your social media profiles. Make sure you stay positive and treat it like the dinner table. You’ll find offers to co-author or guest post or other media possibilities. Create a community where you can work within and create a strong working relationship.