Major SEO Issue With WPengine

As of September 8, 2019 WPengine has switched to keeping this function turned off by default but left the option to turn it on. This is a great move and gives website owners and SEOs the control they need over bots and crawl budget.  Everyone who’s followed my comments on hosting over the years will know […]

The Week In Search & SEO: June 1, 2018

While you may have extended your vacation this week – Google hasn’t. Even if you were the one holding down the fort, you may have missed these changes to the new Google AdWords interface, Bing Ads and Google Maps. If you think that GDPR was bad, then you may not have seen anything yet, as […]

Is the heart of your website beating or bleeding?

The Heartbleed Bug is a serious SSL/TLS encryption vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. So what is it? Seems like we’ve heard this all before? To put it into layman’s terms, Heartbleed or CVE-2014-0160, depending on your pedantic nature, is a really bad thing. In less simple terms, the ‘heartbeat’ service of OpenSSL […]

The Google/Netflix Internet Land Grab

There are indications of an apparent paradigm shift occurring with how your favorite streaming content is delivered to you. There appears to be a “land grab” by large corporations to move their servers next to their ISPs networking infrastructure in order to minimize lag and increase profits. In a typical setup, when you want to […]

SOPA Sabotage

From the same band that brought us “Fight for Your Right” comes many great themes for opposing SOPA. In a post-SOPA world images and music with questionable copyrights will be tickets for take downs, financial seizure, and other under handed attacks on popular websites. You think the legal ho-ha over patents is extremely petty and […]