Moz Keyword Explorer Review

Earlier today our friends at Moz announced the addition of a new tool into the arsenal of their members free and paid.  The tool has a basic premise, it aids in keyword research. Now some of you may be asking, “I have Google’s Keyword Planner … why do I need another?”  The more sophisticated researcher […]

Steal This Picture

The New York Public Library yesterday announced the addition of over 180,000 items to their free-to-use public domain digital images.  The images include a wide array of historically important to just downright interesting images and the Digital Collections page should be bookmarked by anyone who publishes on the web and often finds themselves in need […]

Google Launches International Targeting Through Webmaster Tools

The new international targeting tool recently became available through Google Webmaster tools. This new tool offers site owners and webmaster the ability check alternate language versions of their sites for errors. International targeting allows site owners to provide visitors with alternate language versions of their websites or pages based on the user’s location, or language […]