Supermetrics For Google Sheets Review

Google Sheets has emerged as a powerful business tool in recent times. Considering the importance of data for a business, Sheets has made it possible to effectively track, organize, evaluate and share data. From accounting to marketing, this versatile tool has the ability to serve several areas of your business.  That being said, Google Sheets […]

Google Bakes A FLAN: Improved Zero-Shot Learning For NLP

Let’s start this report by answering the obvious questions you’re likely asking: What Is Google FLAN? FLAN stands for Finetuned LAnguage Net, and describes a method for improving zero-shot learning for Natural Language Processing (NLP) models by using natural language instructions (instruction tuning) by making use of pretraining, finetuning and prompting.This last one is specifically […]

ByT5: What It Might Mean For SEO

You may not have heard of ByT5, and until a couple weeks ago (May 28, 2021 to be exact) no one outside Google had. On the 28th, Google AI published a paper (you can find it here) on a new NLP model called ByT5. I don’t read every paper they put out obviously, but this […]

Supermetrics for Data Studio Review

Marketing without data is like diving with your eyes closed – Dan Zarella. If you have ever managed a marketing campaign, you know what the statement means. As said in the previous section, Supermetrics is a tool for fetching marketing analytics and putting them together in the Google Data Studio, making them easily measurable.