The Week In Search & SEO: June 1, 2018

While you may have extended your vacation this week – Google hasn’t. Even if you were the one holding down the fort, you may have missed these changes to the new Google AdWords interface, Bing Ads and Google Maps. If you think that GDPR was bad, then you may not have seen anything yet, as […]

Mozcon 2017: Lisa Myers

DISCLAIMER: This post is written as a live blog from Mozcon. There may be typos and grammar to make my high school English teachers weep. Please excuse those … it’s a fast-paced conference with back-to-back sessions and no time for proofing or even proper writing. Lisa Myers is up after Rand to chat about big […]

Today In SEO & Search News: April 11, 2017

Hello all and welcome to today’s edition of “Today In SEO & Search News”. The top SEO and search stories since our last post are: How Google Influences And Controls Users I just had my latest article published as part one of a two part series.  The series covers two patents that combine into one […]

Using Twitter for Building Backlinks

With the number of Twitter users hitting the 100 million mark and after watching Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday episode titled “Yes, You Really Can Build Links with Twitter”,I decided I had to share this wisdom. It seems that many in the industry seem to have a difficult time believing that Twitter is an effective tool […]