The Week In Search & SEO: June 1, 2018

The Week In Search & SEO: June 1, 2018
While you may have extended your vacation this week – Google hasn’t. Even if you were the one holding down the fort, you may have missed these changes to the new Google AdWords interface, Bing Ads and Google Maps. If you think that GDPR was bad, then you may not have seen anything yet, as a new online privacy war is starting up in Europe. Read all about these top stories and more on This Week in SEO.
Top Global Search News

Google: Multiple Sites on Same IP is Not a Problem, But Similar Content Is 

According to Google’s John Mueller, hosting multiple sites using the same IP is not a problem, however, they must have very different content. When Google discovers the same content on multiple sites, then they will either knock them all down in the rankings or promote only one.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool Not Working With Google Tag Manager 

It appears that Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool is not working with Google Tag Manager. While Google is aware of the problem, the company has yet to fix it or release any reasons for the problem.

Google Rich Results Test Now Supports Movies, TV Shows & Events 

Google Rich Results Test Now Supports Movies, TV Shows & Events

The Google Rich Results Test now supports movies, television shows, events, recipes, job postings, and courses.

New Google Search Console Adds Quick Site Navigator 

New Google Search Console Adds Quick Site Navigator

It is now easier to go from one site to another when using the new Google Search Console as it now has a drop-down menu listing sites in the upper left corner.

Google: PDFs Are Not Mobile Friendly 

In this week’s statement of the obvious –> PDFs are not considered mobile friendly, according to John Mueller of Google.

Google: Crawl Budget Optimization Is Overrated 

Unless you are running a massive site, crawl budget optimization is overrated, according to John Mueller.

Top Local Search News

Google Maps is Testing Interface with Categories of Local Search Suggestions 

Google Maps is testing interface with categories of local search suggestions

Discovered by Android Police, Google Maps is testing buttons at the top of the map interface to allow users to choose which categories of locations they want to be shown.

Google Dropping Anonymous Local Reviews? 

Google seems to be removing anonymous reviews from Google Maps and Local Packs. While some webmasters report they are gone from their sites altogether, others say that they still see them, but they do not seem to affect the star ratings any longer.

Search and Direct Mobile Navigation Surpass Facebook as Traffic Referrers 

Search and direct mobile navigation surpass Facebook as traffic referrers

Chartbeat is reporting that mobile traffic and Google search traffic is surpassing referrals from Facebook. While the statistics may be partially accounted for by changes to Facebook’s policies allowing people to see more friends and family posts, Google Chrome Suggestions is showing significant growth in referring users to sites.

Google Tests Gray Review Stars In Search Results 

Google Tests Gray Review Stars In Search Results

While some suggest that it might be a bug, Google may be testing replacing their orange review stars with gray ones.

Upcoming Google Speed Update Will Look More Closely At Page Speed Variations 

Google’s John Mueller says that any sites containing tools to allow Google to crawl them faster than a normal user will be caught under new speed tests starting in July. Those tests will rely on data captured by Chrome users.

Top PPC News

AdWords Notes Have Arrived: How to Get Started 

AdWords notes have arrived: How to get started

Anyone with the right credentials can now add a note on the new Google’s AdWords timeline. The notes appear as a gray box and are clickable allowing everyone to see them. Read this informative article telling you how to get started as everyone is forced to make the change to the new interface by the end of the year.

Bing Ads Rolls out In-Market Audiences to all US Advertisers 

Bing Ads rolls out In-Market Audiences to all US advertisers

Advertisers can now target buyer groups on the Bing Ads platform across all United States markets. Advertisers can choose between 170 buyer groups or choose to bid on subcategories within each group. Learn how to start the bidding process by reading this article.

Google Brings ‘Optimize’ Integration to New AdWords Experience 

As part of the new AdWords interface, users can now link AdWordes with Optimize. The new AdWords interface also allows users to link multiple accounts under the same username and password. Moving to the new interface also allows users to test the performance of multiple keywords even if they are spread across different campaigns.

DoubleClick Bid Manager Opens up Digital Audio ad Buying Globally 

Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager now allows to buy audio ads programmatically across Spotify, TuneIn, Google Play Music and SoundCloud with Pandora to be introduced soon. Digital audio ad revenues have increased by more than 39 percent in the last two years with mobile users accounting for 75 percent of that increase.

Top Social Media News

Instagram Lets Users Re-Share Posts in Stories 

Instagram Lets Users Re-Share Posts in Stories

Instagram is continuing to build on its story feature. Now, users can reshare stories from public Instagram accounts while giving them the option to add drawings, text, stickers or GIFs to the original content.

Internet Marketing-Related Tech

Google Chrome Just Enabled a Feature That’s Going to Help Make Passwords Obsolete 

Google has created the option of allowing website developers to allow users to use biometric information like face recognition and fingerprints to sign in whether than having to remember passwords. The changes were introduced with the release of Chrome 67.

Best Opinion Pieces

What do Google and a Toddler have in Common? Both Need to Learn Good Listening Skills. 

What do Google and a toddler have in common? Both need to learn good listening skills.

Jannis Bulian and Neil Houlsby of Google AI presented a paper during the Sixth International Conference on Learning Representations showing the relationship that the grouping of entities within a user query has on the answers that Google provides. Remembering that Google is foremost a publishing company, it may be able to use these grouped entities to answer a user’s inquiry without ever leaving its properties. Read what you can do to promote your site in this Brave New World.

‘Europe Will Become a Digital Backwater’: There’s a New War Over Online Privacy and Metadata in Europe Right Now 

Just after you got a few good night’s sleep after updating sites for GDPR, it seems that eprivacy is about ready to raise its ugly head. Right now, however, it is being held up by the European Parliament who is arguing about the impact metadata could have on future technological innovations.

Web Less Mobile Friendly in 2018 than 2017 

Web Less Mobile Friendly in 2018 than 2017

While Google has been encouraging webmasters to optimize their sites for mobile, it seems that the internet is now less mobile friendly. For example, the time it now takes a website to load is 5.9 seconds an increase of 22.9 percent over 2017, and it takes 14.6 seconds for the average website to become totally interactive representing an increase of 20.7 percent. Learn the reasons behind the increase and its consequences.

How Long it Takes for a Link to Affect Rankings 

Contrary to the typical 3 month estimates, Robert Montti makes the argument that it only takes 10 to 15 days based on Google’s patents and updates to those patents. Furthermore, Montti explains that Google actually divides the web into smaller sections when re-crawling the web and updates link relationships a little at a time.

Google’s Reliance on Wikipedia Makes it Vulnerable to Search Pranks 

Google’s reliance on Wikipedia makes it vulnerable to search pranks

It is no secret that Google relies heavily on Wikipedia and other crowd-sourced platforms for content on its Knowledge Panels and Featured Snippets. This can lead to embarrassing problems like the California Republican Party’s Knowledge Panel stating it supports Nazism for more than a week. It might be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous.