The Week In Search & SEO: December 7, 2018

The Week In Search & SEO: December 7, 2018

News all across the board again with a handful of new features implemented across Google’s services, some insightful pieces on SEO, and a couple controversies.

Top Global Search News

Google Launches Q&A Structured Data


Another element of rich media in search results is starting to show. Google will now be able to preview Q&A style information in search results, including top answers, vote numbers, and a carousel with multiple answers.

Study Reveals that Google is Personalizing Search Results Even when Logged Out

This study consisted of a collection of people searching the same keywords at the same time, and found that results for each person were different and personalized for the person.

Rounded, Sticky Search Bar now Present in Google Searches

The visual adjustment stuck, and now it sticks to the top of the page as you scroll down for easy access.

Like Button Being Tested in Google Posts

Some people are starting to see a like button appear in Google Posts.

Having Unique Images on Your Pages is Worthwhile

Using non-unique images in your articles or pages means that you will compete with other sites for ranking on Google Images for that image. If you have your own unique images, you will be the only one ranking for that image.

Livestream Media now Supported in Google Search

New structured data built for livestreams has been released by Google, allowing for livestreams to be able to show up alongside video content in Google Search Results.

Don’t Worry About Keywords in URLs

Google says that putting keywords in URLs isn’t something you should worry about, and most users don’t even look at them.

Top Local Search News

“Sold Here” Information Showing in Google Local Results

Local search results now feature a little information tip on what’s for sale at stores, relating to your initial search query.

85% of People Don’t Value Reviews Older Than 3 Months

Lots of statistics in this study relating to local search and reviews.

Top PPC News

Bing Partner Program Changes

A new 3 tier system of partnership in the Bing Partner Program rolls in starting January.

More Functionality in Google Responsive Search Ads

Several new features coming to responsive search ads, including 10 new languages.

Top Social Media News

Facebook Traffic for Publishers is Much Less vs Last Year

An interesting study on how organic search and reach is quickly changing for publishers.

Internet Marketing-Related Tech

Google Shutting Down Allo

As Google continues to explore routes for messaging, Allo will be shut down (with features being integrated into the Android messaging app) due to little growth and use. Notably, this was the platform that Google Assistant first appeared on.

Personalized News Feeds Added to Google Assistant

Google is Adding Personalized Audio News Feeds to Assistant

A new quick way to get your news read to you, Google ads a news feed function to Google Assistant. This news feed with tailor itself to your tastes as you use it.

Best Opinion Pieces

Critical SEO Tasks That Everyone Should Take Care Of

SEO is a thing that constantly evolves, so here’s a short, but detailed, list of things every SEO should keep in mind to check every now and then.

Search Engine Land Was De-Indexed For a Day, This is What They Learned

Google accidentally blocked Search Engine Land from listing, meaning none of their pages were shown in Google. They got the site listing again, and through it they learned a lot about how Google handles this situation, and how users react.

Microsoft Calls for Government Regulation on Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition is becoming increasingly accurate and prevalent in technology, and Microsoft foresees it’s ability to be wrongly abused.

7 Reasons You Should Focus on Accessibility

An insightful write-up on the importance of accessibility in SEO and sales. There are many factors to consider when thinking about accessibility, so figuring out how you can work with your website to make it more accessible could be valuable.