The Week In Search & SEO: September 7, 2018

The Week In Search & SEO: September 7, 2018
Top Global Search News

Anchor Text’s Impact On Ranking

A discussion on the impact of anchor text on google rankings and user experience, as well as discouraging the use of images for your links.

Linking Every Page On Your Site From The Homepage is Discouraged

Having too many links on your homepage will dilute the focus of your site and promotes improper weight balancing throughout the site. It can also cause confusion with differentiating higher and lower levels of pages to the user and Googlebot.

Ignoring Links On .edu Sites.

A common misconception is that .edu links are more valuable (leading to link-spamming), but this is not the case. Link-spamming on .edu sites has become enough of a problem that Google actually ignores most of the links on these sites.

Sites Using Too Much JavaScript May Not Move to Mobile-First Indexing

Sites usign JavaScript in such a way that hampers the mobile experience may confuse Google’s systems, such that it will choose to err on the side of caution and not to switch the site over to the mobile-first index.

Info On Google’s Core Update

Search Engine Journal’s Roger Montii covered Google’s statements outlining what changed in the recent core algorithm update.  It wasn’t an attack on low quality they say, but about meeting user intent they say.

Relevant Links In The SERPs

Google Tests "Relevant History" In Search Results

Google’s changing the SERP layout again. Over on SE Roundtable Barry covered the discovery of a relevant history field.  In it a user will find their past related queries.

Google Search Ranking Update Rolling Out

Google Search Ranking Update Brewing? Early Signs Of Algorithm Shifts.

On September 6th we started seeing some major shifts in the rankings with virtually every sensor reporting high volatility. Here at Beanstalk we can confirm that many of our clients have undergone significant shifts with very limited stability.

Top Local Search News

Showcasing Reviews From Yelp, Google Maps, etc. on Your Site is Perfectly Okay.

The only exception is that you should not mark up these reviews with any structured data as it is against Google’s guidelines.

Top PPC News

IF Fuctions Being Added to Google Ads

IF functions will be able to help you target your audience with higher precision. This feature allows you to alter an ads appearance to the user based on conditions you set.

Google Ads Restricting Third-Party Tech Support Ads
Due to the prevelence of misleading and spammy ads from third-party tech support providers, Google will be rolling out a verification program to ensure only legitimite tech support providers will be allowed on their platform.

Google Exact Match Now Includes Variations With The Same Meaning

Google will now consider phrases that have the same intent or meaning as an exact match phrase as acceptable variants of for targeting. This will allow for better ad reach to relevant users (they say).

Top Social Media News

Twitter Testing New Features

Two new features, threaded replies and online status, are being tested on Twitter.

Rumoured Instagram Shopping App in the Works
A shopping app by Instagram has been rumoured.

Changes to Facebook Flight Ads Allows Advertisers to Retarget Based on Web History
Previously, Flight ads could target based on visiting other flight related sites. Now, Flight ads can target users based on the presence of flight related content in their web history.

Internet Marketing-Related Tech

New Google Search Console is Out of Beta

In addition, they have added a couple new features: Bringing the Manual Actions from the old search console and a live url inspection tool.

Chrome Update

Chrome Update: Changes for SEO and Developers

Chrome has updated and with this update comes a slap in the face to publishers. Where once they could complain that featured snippets were stealing their traffic at least they displayed the URL so the published got some branding. With this Chrome update the answer is given right in the search box with no credit. The searcher never need to even visit a results page.

Best Opinion Pieces

12 Essential Link Building Tools
Some tools that can help you with your link building.

European Publishers Push New Copyright Laws
European publishers see to monitor ccopyright content more aggressively as well as collect fees for links hosted on sites like Google and Facebook.

Common Pitfalls of Automated Bidding

Avoid the 8 most common pitfalls of automated bidding

A good list of things to consider when attempting to use automated bidding.

How the August Core Algorithm Update Impacted Local Businesses

An analyzation on the effect of Google’s August core algorithm update on local business results.