The Week In Search & SEO: October 5, 2018

Well folks, it was yet another busy week in search and SEO (are you surprised).  There were layout changes, algorithm updates, and so much more. Here are the top stories we were following this week.

Top Global Search News

Recent “Small” Search Ranking Update Confirmed by Google

There aren’t a lot of details about this update, but Google assures that this is just another of their frequent, small core algorithm updates. Google says that if your rankings suffered a hit, it’s not necessarily a problem with your site, rather this update brings up previously under-rewarded sites.

Google Feed Changes to Google Discover

Google Feed Is Now Google Discover

This new, upgraded successor to Google Feed introduces several changes and additions.

Google Pays Apple $9 Billion to Stay as the Default Search Engine on Safari

When you click this little slider, you will see a small list of sections you can jump to rather than scrolling manually.

Navigation Slider Being Tested in Mobile Results

Google Tests Navigation Slider For Mobile Search Results

When you click this little slider, you will see a small list of sections you can jump to rather than scrolling manually.

Documentation on Implementing Dynamic Rendering

Google publishes documentation on dynamic rendering for crawling, indexing JavaScript webpages

Google has released a new documentation on how you should set up your JavaScript-heavy page with dynamic rendering to help Google crawl and index it properly.

Google Testing Clustered Refinement Bubbles 

Google Tests Clustering Featured Snippet Refinement Bubbles

The refinement bubbles seem to be grouping together with other related ones.

Another Small Core Search Algorithm Update

Many tools show that there was an update on the 4th.

Top Local Search News

Google My Business Adds “Family-Led” Attribute

Google adds new ‘family-led’ attribute to Google My Business profile

A new “family-led” attribute appears, sitting alongside the previous “women-led” and “veteran-led” attributes.

Google Posts Have Been Moved to the Bottom of the Local Knowledge Panel

Google Moves Google Posts At Bottom Of Search Results

This will allow for more prominence to the other sections of the panel.

Google Testing Explore Carousel for Local Results

Google Tests Explore Carousel For Local Results

This carousel highlights local businesses relevant to your search.

Google Testing Minimalist Local Pack

Google Tests Minimalist Local Pack Again

Star ratings and images are removed in favor of “call” and “directions” buttons.

Top PPC News

You Can Copy Column Preferences to the New Google Ads

Google Lets Advertisers Copy Column Preferences to the New Google Ads

A nice quality of life function, easily copy your old preferences over to the new Google Ads. Even works after losing access to the old Google Ads.

The Old Google Ads Interface is Officially Shutting Down

After a long time in testing, the new Google Ads interface will be finally taking over the old one for good.

Top Social Media News

Pre-Recorded Videos Can Now be Posted as “Live” Broadcasts on Facebook

These videos get all the benefits that come with both a regular video post and a live broadcast.

Facebook Introduces New AI Features for Faster Selling in the Marketplace

The new AI can give you an estimated value of your item just by the image, as well as selecting a category for your item automatically. Additionally, a buyer and seller rating system has been introduced.

Internet Marketing-Related Tech

Google Lens Will be Implemented Right into Google Images

Google Lens Coming To Google Images

Select something in an image to search for related and similar things and products, now provided inside Google Images.

Google Maps Adds New Commute Functionality

Google Maps Adds New Features to Assist Workers With Their Commute

Planning ahead, Mixed commute, and more in this Google Maps update.

Google Assistant Gets a Redesign Focused on Smartphones

Google redesigns the Assistant for touch and digital transactions

The new design features a more attractive visual interface as well as better touch functionality.

Making Quality Links are Against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

Natural links are what Google wants to see, so making undeserved links is against guidelines.

Search Console Snippet now Visible in Search Results

Google Search Console snapshot arrives in search results

This change helps keep your site’s health more easily available, and encourages site owners to pay attention to and use Google Search Console.

Google My Business Rolling Out Agency Account Migration Tool

Not much is known, but this will help with the process of transferring listings to organization accounts.

Best Opinion Pieces

What to Do When Things Go Wrong in SEO

What to Do When Things Go Wrong in SEO

A good write-up on methods to help you find out what went wrong, and what you can do to fix it.

Web Security Impact on SEO

Having bad security on your website can be detrimental to your SEO.

Amazon Has a New $15/hr Wage, But Here’s How Much the CEO Makes an Hour

$15 and hour is certainly a step forwards, but looking at Jeff Bezos’ hourly income really puts things in to perspective.