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Today’s post is a rushed hodge-podge of topics. A lot is going on and yet – time is short. I’m rushing through last-minute stuff to make sure I’m ready to head to Chicago tomorrow morning for SES. SES Chicago is already underway but I only get to be there for the two days I’m speaking. Fly in Tuesday, fly out after Jim and I host our radio show on Thursday afternoon (it’s going to be a great show so be sure to listen to 🙂

If you want to keep posted on my sessions, the session I attend, eta. you can do so on our website at

Blogger has now stripped links from comments. It appears that Blogger-run blogs no longer accept you to post a link to your site as a comment. As a move to combat blog [email protected] this is going to be highly effective. An incidental victim of the move are people who use blogs heavily and comment legitimately. They will lose some of their links and they likely deserve some of them however I’d say that those spanked with just cause will outweight the innocent bystanders.

And putting their money where their mouth is, Google has dropped paid listings for text link ads. My question to them would be however, why are you advertising them on my site?

If you look at the add that appears just today on our site:

Now I’ll admit that I’m not particularly offended by displaying the ads. We don’t buy text links but I don’t have any special vendetta against people that do (Google seems to be taking care of that themselves) but if the folks at Google feel it is unethical to advertise paid links on their own site, why are they OK with pushing the ads onto mine?

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