Autonomous L-Shaped Standing Desk

Dave’s Ongoing Autonomous Standing Desk Review

As an SEO and thus, someone who’s at their desk for many hours every day, I’ve come to know the importance of strong ergonomics.  Regular readers will recall from my Ergodox EZ review, that I also know it can be a nightmare to figure out exactly what you’re looking at, and looking for.

But before we dive into all of that, let’s look at …


Why I Started Looking At Standing Desks

The first standing desk we’ve ordered and that I’ll be reviewing is actually not for me, but for my wife. She suffers from scoliosis and works in UX and social media. Basically, she has to sit a lot.

Lately she’s been feeling the impact of sitting for long hours at a stretch and something important to think about for everyone is – ergonomics isn’t as much for the you of today, it’s for the you of tomorrow. Seeing the future that was coming we started the hunt for a standing desk. And this is exactly the type of research I love.

We’ve only ordered one thus far, I’m waiting to verify I made the right call and will be ordering a second for myself and perhaps more after that.

And no, I’m not a jerk using his wife as a guinea pig. 🙂

The desk we selected has a guarantee. I didn’t want to send two back and since she needs one more than me, we ordered hers first to test, and will order mine second if all goes well.

The Standing Desks I Shortlisted

There were three standing desks I shortlisted. Some of the biggest characteristics she needed were:

  • L-Shaped
  • Needed to be able to support 5 monitors
  • Needed to have programmable heights

For reference, the ones I shortlisted were:


Effydesk L-Shaped Standing Desk

This one is from a Canadian company and comes in at $1,325 CA (roughly $1,030 US) and won’t be available in the US until February 2021.

This one came with some solid reviews and I almost chose it, but as an internet marketer I was put off by verified tales of bought reviews and the use of marketing strategies that I wouldn’t support in my job.

From what I can tell quality-wise they’re solid, but the incident was a tie-breaker between the one I chose and this one.

It comes with a 30-day trial and free shipping.

You can find out more about them if you’re interested here*. If you use our link you get $25 off.


Uplift L-Shaped Standing Desk

Coming in at $1,249 US (on sale – down from $1,299), this was the most expensive of the options I looked at.

It is well reviewed and has a great track record.

Honestly, with this one the deciding factor was price.  The three I seriously considered were all well review, and this one was the most expensive. I believe whole-heartedly in paying for quality, but when the quality appears equal, then price becomes the deciding factor.

It does have a 30-day trial which is great, and supports 355 pounds.

On top of that, you get the option during ordering to add on some nifty add-ons for free.

That said, I’m Canadian and the Shipping to Canada would have tacked on an additional $445 US. They have free shipping in the US however.

If the Autonomous doesn’t work out as well as expected, I will revisit this one.

You can find out more about them here.


Autonomous L-Shaped Standing Desk

This one comes in at $739 US, with free shipping.

It came with strong reviews and the lowest pricetag of the ones I seriously considered.

It supports up to 350 pounds, more than enough for some files and a few monitors, looked good and comes with a 30-day trial in the US and a 15-day trial in Canada which was extremely important.

I’m not sure why the difference in trial periods.

You can find out more about them here*.

Autonomous: The Standing Desk I Chose

As is obvious by now, we ended up choosing the Autonomous.

The desk was ordered on December 10, 2020 with an estimated delivery date of January 18, 2021.

There were shorter timeframes for different color-combinations and configurations, the one we needed is one of ones with the longer wait times.

When it arrives we’ll be updating this post with build descriptions, pictures, possibly video and an ongoing updating of this review from the quality of the product, to how long it takes a person to get used to it.

Obviously you can bookmark this page, or Follow Us On Facebook where we’ll be posting when we update this review.

Disclosure: If you see an asterisk after the name of one of the companies, that means we are a member of their affiliate/referral program and will profit in some way should you use the link and then purchase one. We don’t recommend any services we haven’t used, that’s the purpose of these reviews, and we certainly don’t choose to use a lackluster desks just for a few affiliate dollars.

What we will do is make a few extra dollars recommending something if they want to give it to us. Heck, we’d recommend you do the same. 🙂

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