The Week In Search & SEO: November 23, 2018

The Week In Search & SEO: November 23, 2018

Black Friday related news is prevalent this week (for obvious reasons), as well as some interesting changes Google has made with showing media in their search results.

Top Global Search News

Product Insights, Comparisons, and Black Friday Deals in Bing Search Results

Searches comparing phones will now show a comparison of those phones in the search results. Searches for types of products will now show an insights snippet in the search results, detailing highlights of different products in that type. Black Friday Deals also show in Bing results to assist shoppers.

Bought a Domain with Bad History? Google Explains What to Do

Google explains what you can do with them to alleviate the problems with a domain you purchased that had bad history.

Search Results on Sports Matches Support User Comments

User comments can now be viewed and written on sports game related search results. Currently limited to sports results, could this feature be included in other topics in the future?

Did the Mid-November Google Search Algorithm Update get Reverted?

People are reporting that their rankings have returned to normal as they were before the recent update hit. The update caused a significant amount of fluctuation in search result positions, so did Google revert the changes so things would settle? Many tools suggest it had been undone.

Google Testing Rounded Design Elements in Search Results

Some people are starting to see a rounded design for the search box in search results.

25% Drop in the Amount of Image Boxes Shown in Google Search Results

In addition to showing less videos, Google is now showing less images in search results.

It is Still Possible to Rank in Google Even if you Spam by Mistake

If your website is still valuable, Google will rank your site based on those factors despite having a spammy site. Getting some things wrong in general shouldn’t be an issue to Google as long as your site as a whole is still valuable.

Thumbnails Appearing in Search Result Snippets Again

Looks like Google is testing showing thumbnails in search result snippets again. We have seen this change many times over the years.

Google’s Top Stories on Mobile are Display Two Rows

Google has changed the news carousel in their top stories section to display two different rows, showing more news and pushing regular results further downward.

Google Adds a Related Videos Tab in the Video Carousel Section of Search Results

This related video section includes further expansions of the initial query, similar to the “people also ask” section that shows up in search results, though this only shows up beneath the video section.

Top Local Search News

More Recent Data to be Available in Google My Business Insights

Google My Business Insights will be able to provide you with more recent data than before in this update. More data is of course more useful, and soon you’ll be able to see as recent as yesterday in your Insights reports.

The Interface for Hotel Search Results Look a Lot Different Now

The hotel search results are looking a lot nicer now. It’s up from showing 3 hotels to 4, and new options and insights are visible.

Local Services Ads Test Showing Number of Bookings

Ads for local services are appearing to include the number of bookings that business has had.

Local Service Ads are Looking Different on Mobile

A visual change  of local service ads has appeared on mobile search results.

A Huge Overview of Local Search Ranking Factors in 2018

Many people came together to write this comprehensive overview of local search ranking factors. This article will cover anything you even needing to know about the ins and outs of how local search works in 2018.

Top PPC News

New Google Ads Has a New Smart Bidding Strategy: Target Impression Share

This new smart bidding tool lets you target your ad’s impression share, that is showing up in a specified percentage of eligible auctions for a specified position on the page.

Google Ads Show Previous Year Black Friday Performance

A new section in Google Ads will give you all the important information you want to see on how your ads performed over last year’s Black Friday week.

Limited Time: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Specific Ads Showing in a New Ad Unit

Remember to set up Black Friday and Cyber Monday ad extentions for ayou ads so you can take advantage of this new Black Friday and Cyber Monday specific ad section in search results.

Top Social Media News

New Ways for Businesses to Sell Products in Instagram

You can now tag products on videos (like you already could with photo posts). The shopping tab also got a redesign.

Internet Marketing-Related Tech

Smart Speaker Engagement Hasn’t Changed Since Last Year

US consumers are using smart speakers almost exactly the same amount as they were a year ago. People are using them for the same things too.

Best Opinion Pieces

Exact Match Needs a New Name, Suggest and Vote for Your Ideas (Unofficial)

In this vote, come up with some new names that “exact match” could go by so it’s name can better reflect it’s function! This is an unofficial vote so little is likely to come from it, but it’s a quick bit of fun.