The Week In Search & SEO: April 5th, 2019

The Week In Search & SEO: April 5th, 2019

From Search Console to JavaScript, we have a load of great Google SEO tips this week, a couple small aesthetic changes to the Search Results Page, and some new features in Google Ads and Bing Ads.

Top Global Search News

Still Feeling The Effects Of The March 12th Core Update

People are still talking on forums about how their rankings are fluctuating pretty uncontrollably. The tools seem to show that we are in fact still feeling some aftershocks from the core update on March 12th.

Google Having Many Ranking Factors Allows For SEOs To Compete Without All Doing The Same Thing

One SEO questioned on Reddit why a competitor was above him in Google rankings, yet had a pagespeed score of F. Google considers a lot of things when ranking pages, and a perfect pagespeed score is not necessarily going to beat out things like quality content or quality backlinks.

Links That Aren’t Shown In Search Console Are Probably Pretty Irrelevant

Google’s Search Console link reports only show you a handful of links, and one SEO asked on Reddit whether any links that don’t show there mattered. Google said that in general, if their systems don’t show you a link, it’s probably not too important.

Google Knows When Their New Rendering Engine Will Be Released, But Won’t Tell Us

Google’s rendering engine has been coming closer to that of Google Chrome, and it seems like this update will come soon. Google says that they know the date it will be released, but won’t tell us at the moment.

Google Is Testing New Icons In Search

A new set of icons is showing up next to certain sections in the search results page. These new icons are showing up next to Maps, Images, Videos, and News sections in the search results page.

301 Redirects Themselves Are Not Considered Links To Google

The main purpose of a 301 redirect is basically to point to a canonical. The 301’d URL itself is not considered a link, however the redirection target URL can be seen as being a link in it’s place.

Google Is Testing A New Image Search Preview Screen

click for full size

Seen here, a new image preview within Image Search is showing up. This new preview is significantly more compact than the existing one, being tucked away to the side instead of filling the whole screen.

Top Local Search News

No news in this category this week.

Top PPC News

Cross-Device Conversion Data Coming To Google Ads Attribution Reports

Right now, device conversion data is relegated only to device reports, leading to inconsistencies across various attribution reports. The change will keep the numbers consistent across the various reports.

New Action Extensions Added To Bing Ads

The new Action Extension feature has 70 pre-defined CTA buttons for you to choose from. You can set this button to go to a different URL than the ad’s URL, and are charged the same as normal ad clicks.

Google Assistant Is Not Disclosing Advertisements In Search Results

Google is legally required to disclose what is and isn’t an advertisement. Currently on their voice search platforms, search results are not disclosed to the user. The issue is not widespread enough to matter to most users, but is it something that still must be disclosed.

Top Social Media News

You Can’t Do That on Facebook: A Complete Guide for Marketers

Facebook’s marketing policies are sometimes difficult to read through, so here’s a guide written to help you make sense of it all, as well as a collection of tips on how you should be running your Facebook marketing campaign.

Internet Marketing-Related Tech

Searching Podcasts Now Available With Google’s Automatic Transcription

Google is now using automatic podcast transcription to bring podcast content searches into Google search results. This will help users find podcasts when they can’t remember the name, and help users discover new podcasts on the topics they are interested in.

Google’s Search Console Is Expecting Increases In Enhancement Report Issues

Google is working to be more thorough with their Search Console reports, which means that SEOs will be seeing more issues in their Search Console. These issues were there before, it’s just that Google actually sees and reports them now.

Google Is Partnering With Walmart To Take On Amazon In Voice Shopping

Amazon dominates the voice shopping scene and voice shopping is one the rise, so Google and Walmart are partnering up to take advantage of the platform and try to compete against Amazon.

Tips On Making Sure Google Can Read Your React Web Apps

A Google published video to give you tips on making sure your React framework website will be properly readable and renderable to the Google crawling robots.

Best Opinion Pieces

No news in this category this week.