The Week In Search & SEO: May 6th, 2019

The Week In Search & SEO: May 6th, 2019

It’s all Google this week: More information regarding Google’s recent reporting bug, some exciting additions to Google’s search results page along with new structured data, updates to GoogleBot, and more!

Top Global Search News

How Low Quality Pages Affect Your Overall Site Rankings

A little run-down on how low quality pages affect your site, and the dynamic of mixed quality across your site can affect rankings overall.

Podcasts Now Showing In Google Search Results

We heard a few months ago that there were plans to bring podcasts straight to the Google search results, and now it’s here! Podcast results also let you listen to the audio straight from the search results page.

FAQ And How-To Structured Data Now Available In Google Search

Google is now supporting FAQ and how-to style structured data so that your content of such types can be displayed in search results in their own FAQ/how-to style. Search console can also show you any errors in these new structured data types.

Some More Details On Google’s Evergreen GoogleBot

GoogleBot got a whole collection of new features, though there are still some major ones we’re waiting for and hoping to see soon.

Top Local Search News

Nothing in this category this week.

Top PPC News

A Fix For The Google Ads Reporting Bug Is Halfway Done

Reports for the month of April are now corrected and accurate, though the May dates remain incorrect. This bug did not affect automated bidding strategies.

Store Visit And Sales Reports Confirmed Incorrect From April 28th

We were initially told that the bug only effected reports from April 30th to May 2nd, but with this new update it seems that store visit and sales reports were affected as early as April 28th and have yet to be fixed.

Top Social Media News

Nothing in this category this week.

Internet Marketing-Related Tech

Google Assistant Now 10 Times Faster

Among other updates, Google Assistant changed the speech processing from the cloud onto your own phone, speeding things up significantly.

Search Console Speed Report Out In Beta

This new report section within Search Console will tell you a lot about your site’s speed, with various and specific aspects and examples you can look to for each of your pages and across your site.

Best Opinion Pieces

Google Says SEO Contests Should Be Ignored

SEO contests are about being given a keyword to SEO developers and them trying to rank the highest for it by any means possible. Google does not seem impressed with this, and goes on to say how they are a waste of time that could be spent working on actual genuine website SEO.

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