The Week In Search & SEO: October 12, 2018

Not much to report on this week, though some tips on working with voice search and a useful new addition to Google Assistant are interesting reads.

Top Global Search News

Google Cache 404 Issue Workaround

This issue is nothing to worry about as it affects nothing, but here’s a workaround anyways to get rid of those alerts.

Top Local Search News

Ride Sharing Services Now Bookable Through Google Assistant

Google Assistant Can Book Rides and Compare Prices of Ride Sharing Services

It also displays estimated costs and wait times so you can compare your options. All completely controllable through voice commands.

Top PPC News

Further Defense of John Mueller’s Statement on Making Links

John Mueller continues to defend his statements on making links and breaking guidelines.

Top Social Media News

No news in this category this week.

Internet Marketing-Related Tech

No news in this category this week.

Best Opinion Pieces

The Ultimate List of Marketing Podcasts

A large list of the best marketing podcasts you can listen to.

90% of Top Content Marketers Aim to be Useful, Not Promotional

90% of Top Content Marketers Aim to be Useful, Not Promotional

This study shows that 90% of B2B marketers care more for their audience’s needs rather than their company’s message.

Preparing for the Voice Search Revolution

14 Experts Share Their Tips On How To Prepare For The Voice-Search Revolution

14 experts share their thoughts on how to think ahead for the soon coming rise of voice search.