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Wordpress Workbench

If you create websites for other people or businesses, there comes a point in any development cycle where you realized someone else needs to work on this site at some point. Providing proper documentation and instructions is an essential part in a smooth deployment, but these guides can get lost in the mix over the life of website. Keeping documentation with the theme is always great idea, having a guide within WordPress itself is even better.

NotePress is a shiny new plugin from DataInterlock that gives WordPress Administrators a private posting section accessible only from the dashboard. Since these notes are only viewable by admin level users, they’re a great place to add development notes, to-do lists and guides for clients. Note are create like any other Post or Page in WordPress, meaning you can add media, use shortcodes, embed videos and even drop a contact form in from Jetpack.

One quick thing to note is that since these notes are stored in the WordPress database, moving notes from a development environment world to primetime may mean a little lean-up and relinking after the move, which is pretty standard for any database migration.

All in all Note Press is a fairly simple plugin, and that’s where the appeal lies. If you’re working in team setting with other developers or are about to hand the keys over to client, I’d suggest checking Note Press out.

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