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Singapore Launches Their First Bitcoin Association [ Monday June 23, 2014 ]

ACCESS an acronym for (Association of Crypto-Currency Enterprise and Start-ups Singapore) opened its doors this week as a bitcoin focused organization. The main focus is to promote development of the best practices for digital currency in Singapore.

According to Bitcoin Magazine Anson Zeall, ACCESS’s Chairman said that:

“ACCESS aims to provide an open and clear dialogue between Singapore cryptocurrency businesses and the wider public, including regulators. With the forming of our association, we will help facilitate an ecosystem where Singapore can be a hub for cryptocurrencies businesses to grow and create jobs related to this new and growing technology.”

This could be a big step to currency reform if continued with positive effect. For more info head to Bit coin Magazine here.

I Bet ‘Cha Bite a Chip! [Tuesday June24, 2014]

Luis Suarez became king of media Tuesday for all the wrong reasons. Upset about the 1-0 win over Italy at the World Cup; Suarez sunk his not so pearly whites into defender Giorgio Chiellini. Luis Suarez is known as a repeat offender when it comes to biting almost risking his career over his insasiable taste for flesh.

None the less he created press for himself and his team and instantly became an overnight sensation with memes to very inventive Giffies.

My Favorite

Google’s annual I/O Developers Conference [Wednesday June 25, 2014]

Large competitive fetes were highlighted for Android development at Google’s annual I/O Developers conference in San Francisco Wednesday. Some amazing new features were introduced but the main focus was how all android programs had greater interconnectivity capabilities. Have a look

Pacific Rim 2 Set For Release 2017 [Thursday June 26,2014]

All I have to say is Watch this:

Rocketship Down [Friday June 22, 2014]

The launch of the new Russian Rocket was aborted today. Russia’s dwindling space program has been having a hard time getting on its feet. Last month the Proton-M booster ended in failure along with last year’s loss to 3 of Russia’s navigation satellites. The future to their space program is not looking good and not even comparable to other leading international space programs.

The automatic safety system aborted the rockets blast off preventing it from launching. Unknown what the actual problem is they are certain that the launch will go ahead Sat. Many sceptics believe that Russia will more likely end up failing to compete in space research because of its underdeveloped space program.