Google To Auto-Generate AdWords Ads For You

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On April 29th Google is set to begin auto-generating ads in your AdWords account and giving you 14 days to approve or disapprove them before they’re put live.  I’m not a fan of account being opted in by default and quite honestly feel the only campaigns that this should be applied to are those with conversion targets and hey – since it’s Google’s testing it might be nice if they shared in the risk.

Perhaps they could be convinced to foot the bill for tests that don’t lead to a better CPA.  You know – because it’s their test not ours.

This isn’t to say it’s altogether a horrible idea, there’s some merit into this rollout but to inject the feature into accounts by default, especially when the pros-and-cons may not be immediately apparent for many is just a cash grab. They want to increase your spend without taking the time to explain the benefits clear enough that you would opt in yourself and understand when/how.

So be warned – it’s coming. Here’s their full email on the topic:

Dear AdWords Advertiser,

We’ve found that having more ads per ad group can improve performance.¹ To help you create more ads, we’ve added an account setting that will suggest variants of existing ads to use in your ad groups. You’re receiving this message because your account (Customer ID: XXX-XXX-XXXX​) may receive these ad suggestions.

What’s changing

Starting after ​April ​29, ​2018, you may see ad suggestions on the Recommendations page, and can choose to manually apply or dismiss them. Depending on your account settings, you’ll get an alert in AdWords and receive a corresponding email every time we suggest new ads. You’ll have 14 days from the notification to review them, after which the ads will be automatically enabled unless you choose to remove them.

These ads will be created based on information you’ve provided in your existing ads, such as your headlines, descriptions, ad extensions and relevant information found on your ads’ landing page. You can edit, pause or remove ad suggestions at any point, though we recommend waiting until they have enough impressions to give you confidence in the ad group-level results.

Next steps

If you’d like to receive ad suggestions, you don’t need to take any action at this time. However, this email does not guarantee that your account will receive ad suggestions.

You can opt out of automatically applying these ads in your account settings. If you have a manager account, you can opt out accounts in bulk by going to “Management” on the Accounts page.

If you have any questions about ad suggestions, please reach out to your account management team or contact us at any time.

The Google AdWords team


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