New Mobile Layout For Shopping Queries

More Product Information Available

42 minutes ago as of this writing Google announced the rollout of a new layout for shopping-related queries. The new layout and data included in it is, in this marketers mind, a nice move forward for shoppers and marketers alike. And what more could we ask for during the holidays.

So … here’s what’s new …

Quick View
Quick View Added To Products On Mobile

They’ve added a ‘Quick View’ button as illustrated above. When clicked users gain access to some of the core data they’re likely interested in such as related products, product details and reviews. This is probably one of the handiest layout changes I’ve seen on mobile in a while.

Buying Guides

Buying Guides Added To Mobile Knowledge PanelAnd to assist those shoppers who find themselves a bit out of their element Google has also introduced the addition of buying guides into broad categories.  I’m imagining a parent out there trying to figure out what gaming headset who wouldn’t necessarily know where to go to figure out which one is the best within a set price range.  Again, a very good idea though it’ll be interesting to see how used it is and if it sticks around after the holidays.

More Product Information

More Product Information Available

Google has also just added the display of related product information into the SERPs. Rather than just displaying the product information you’ve asked for they can now display it beside comparable products with pricing and specs easily compared. A great little add-on for those shopping in categories they might not be familiar in is the addition of a ‘Newer Model Available’ label. So if you’re searching for a product and there’s a more recent model, now you’ll know in advance (or at least know why it’s on such a great Black Friday sale).

Voice Shopping

And don’t forget to use your voice. Google is pushing hard on voice search and their personal assistant.  It was mentioned in their latest release but without touting new features.  I suspect we are going to see some rolling out very soon.

You can read the release this post is covering over at the Google blog here. Happy shopping and remember these layout changes and you’re thinking of what your customers are now seeing as they comparison shop.