Today In SEO & Search News: January 30, 2017

Today In SEO & Search News: January 30, 2017

Even on weekends the SEO and search world keep spinning. Here are the top stories from the past 72 hours.

App Content Indexed And Displayed To The User More Easily In Search
A company called Branch has just launched Branch AMP Deepviews and it is a very cool product for those with an app. The product is a growth on their Branch Deepviews which allowed users to preview content from within an app on their desktop. This time they AMPify the content for mobile. Basically it’s a pretty simple process and one worth exploring though some of Google’s move into Instant Apps implies they might not be far behind.

Bill Slawski Tells Folks How To Get Started In SEO
Bill Slawski was asked by a 14-year-old how to get started in SEO. He thought it was such a good question he posted his reply on SEO By The Sea. If you’re just getting you’re feet wet in SEO or are a veteran just curious what Bill would recommend it’s worth the read and it’s pretty much spot on.

Some Great Advice (and better story) On Outreach Strategies
Content strategies Ronnell Smith wrote a great piece on outreach strategies on the Moz blog. Since a picture is worth a thousand words let me just show you a picture of the inspiration for the piece and recommend you read the whole thing.

A daughter's outreach strategy

AMP Results Double In Google News
If you’ve been holding off or questioning the value of AMP the simple statistic discussed by Barry Schwartz over on Search Engine Roundtable that Google News on mobile is showing the AMP carousel about 70% of the time should very quickly settle it. If you’re a publisher and you’re in news or an industry that may see a similar trend in the future it’s time to drink the Kool-Aid and get AMPed.

How To Destroy Your SEO
Jeremy Knauff published a piece on the Raven Tools blog on ten ways you can kill your SEO with design mistakes.  It’s a good piece with some good reminders. Highly recommended reading for web designers or SEOs and site owners working with them.

Google Donating To the ACLU
In reaction to the immigration issues Google is donating $2 million split between four funds that defend immigrant rights.Additionally they will match another $2 million in donations by employees. Which matches also their message on their Google Doodle today …

Civil Rights Activist Doodle

Google Doodle: Fred Toyosaburo Korematsu

Google today in their Google Doodle is honoring Fred Toyosaburo Korematsu, a Japanese man who survived through the wartime American internment camps during WW2. He became a civil rights activist and January 30th is recognized as Fred Korematsu Day. For a change of pace the link above doesn’t go to a doodle story – it goes to the Wikipedia page of Mr. Korematsu.

And that’s the news of the day. Feel free to comment below or add anything you think we might have missed.