Today In SEO & Search News: February 7, 2017

Today In SEO & Search News: February 7, 2017

There are only 4 top stories today in search and SEO. A fairly slow Tuesday to be sure which means there’s not a lot of catching up to do and more time to work on sites. So let’s jump in …

Content Link Building Is Flawed
Chris Liversidge over on Search Engine Journal wrote an interesting article on why content-led SEO fails on the link front. I’ll admit, I was prepped to disagree from the moment I clicked the link to read it but he makes some very good points.  More to the point … he provides one very good solution and it’s simply in how you look at what you’re actually trying to accomplish.  I’ll further admit – I’m made the same mistake he’s outlining and will be testing his approach.

Google Webmaster Report
Over on Search Engine Roundtable Barry Schwartz published his latest webmaster report outlining the past month in search.  He talks about the 7 new algorithms, changes in some of the core technologies and some interesting announcements. It’s always interested to see the changes all lined up to appreciate how rapidly things change and help grasp what might be on the horizon.

What Anchor Text Is The Most Important?
Adam White answers the question on Search Engine Journal after analyzing the link profiles in a fairly competitive space.  The methodology is interesting and pretty solid and the read interesting.  The conclusion is that the page/post title is the best anchor text but don’t run off without reading the full piece.  If you don’t understand why you wont’ be able to adapt or even know how to check as things change.

Mobile First Index Spotted In The Wild
Barry Schwartz reported on Search Engine Roundtable about some anecdotal evidence of some of the first indications of the mobile first index rolling out.  The proof is seen in what I believe would be a glitch and that’s mobile pages outranking their desktop counter parts even if the user is on a desktop device.

And that’s the day. Not a ton happening but then … that just leaves us more time to get client work done. If you think I’ve missed anything please don’t hesitate to comment on it below.