Today In SEO & Search News: February 6, 2017

Today In SEO & Search News: February 6, 2017

This content is 5 years old. Please, read this page keeping its age in mind as SEO changes rapidly and while the past is useful to remember and reference, it often doesn't provide the best strategies to apply today.

Welcome to the daily update for February 6, 2017. Here’s what’s gone on in the world of SEO and search over the weekend …

Google Let’s You Link Directly To Non-AMP URL
Addressing the pet peeve of many Google and allowing those who want to share links to AMP pages to do so to the general non-AMP URL. Their method, as reported on by Danny Sullivan over on Search Engine Land is a bit convoluted and isn’t really intuitive but it’s a step in the right directions.

Google Maps Easier To Use
Google has just updated it’s Android app.  A swipe from the bottom displays three new tabs that display real-time information.  The tabs now show you traffic, public-transit info and places.  The map appears as:

New Google Maps App

I love the quicker access to the data I’d use regularly. It’ll be interesting to see how it gets used and whether it sticks around or is simply a feature to gain an understanding of what people what where. The story was reported on Search Engine Land by Amy Gesenhues.

SEO Like It’s 2012
Rand Fishkin of Moz did a great piece on the Moz blog on content SEO and how to do it right from research on to optimization. I’m not one to link to what I consider opinion pieces generally but there’s a lot of truth to this advice and it’s highly recommended reading.

International Boundaries Won’t Protect Your Email
Reported by Rich McCormick on The Verge Google has been ordered to hand over emails to the FBI … even if those emails reside on servers in different countries.  Microsoft had fought a similar case last year and won in that the servers were in Dublin.  Google plans on fighting the ruling. My personal good luck goes out to Google on this one.

Google Designs A Dress Just For You
Google and H&M are partnering up in an interesting project – based on your personal data (collected by Google) including the weather where you are, where you go, etc. and create a custom dress based on all this data.  I recommend reading the article by Ashley Carman for the full information as it’s an interesting idea and I actually look forward to see how well (or poorly) they do.

That was it for the weekend. If you think we missed anything be sure to comment below.


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