Today In SEO & Search News: March 7, 2017

Today In SEO & Search News: March 7, 2017

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to post the news yesterday (apologies to our regular readers) so here’s what’s happened since Friday in the SEO and search space …

Allo Gets More Useful

Allo: faster GIFs and messaging

Google announced on their blog that they’re kicking it up a notch with the expansion of their Allo GIF library, as well as adding animated GIFs. Arguably the bigger announcement is the new shortcut they’ve added.  When you’re in a chat with friends you’ll now be able to use a single tap to bring Google Assistant into the equation and use it to assist you. No doubt about it … Google is pushing that assistant into everything so as marketers we need to look ahead as how that’s going to impact how we can get our products in front of others.

The Big Tech Threat Is …. 
Patrick Kulp over at Mashable wrote a very interesting and thought-provoking piece on what many consider to be the biggest tech threat out there.  it’s not Facebook and it’s not Google … it’s Amazon. I’ve got to say … he’s got some strong arguments.  This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this statement or even thought it myself but the story and details he covers goes a lot deeper that this mere thought. Highly recommended reading for anyone who cares about the possible direction things are headed.

Growth In People Also Ask
Britney Muller wrote an interesting piece for Moz on the infinite People Also Ask boxes.  The article goes into great detail on how the data is generated and used, where the infinite boxes appear and where they don’t and most importantly perhaps: why we as marketers should care and what we can do about it.  A very good read with some very interesting information.

Bill Slawski Expands On People Also Ask Article

People also ask patent image

Patent analysis guru Bill Slawski took the time to review some Google patents related to People Also Ask after reading Britney’s article discussed right above this. It’s a great followup read that adds some solid information to help understand how Google comes up with the related questions to suggest.

Bing Puts Out Stats On TV’s Impact On Paid & Organic Clicks
The Bing Ads team has put out some very interesting information on the impact of TV commercials on paid and organic ad clicks. The write-up is based on a Q&A webcast with MJ DePalma, Sr. Global Channel Marketing Manager, along with Ryan Lee, Bing Ads Program Manager, Shawndra Hill, Senior Researcher, and special guest speaker Eliott Reilhac from TVTY. The most interesting stat to me is that 88.3% of TV viewers are simultaneously surfing the net.

Related Picks Now Showing Under Some Top Story Carousels
Barry Schwartz covered a new feature of AMP carousels over on Search Engine Land. Google has added a new feature to the top stories carousel and allows users to expand their search queries for some queries. Google is striving once more to keep you engaged and on their site.

Google Shrinking It’s View-Through Conversion Window
Ginny Marvin covered the story on Search Engine Land. A view-through conversion occurs when a display or video ad is viewed but not clicked yet the user still converts. Currently the window defaults to 30 days meaning that if someone converts on your site within 30 days of seeing (but not clicking) your ad it will be counted.  This default windows is being chopped to 1 day.

And that’s it for the day. If you think there are any stories we’ve missed that should be included be sure to add them in the comments below.