The Week In Search & SEO: November 3, 2017

The Week In Search & SEO: November 3, 2017

It’s was an interestingly quite week that ended on November 3, 2017 but while the stories were fewer the impact they represent was large ranging from significant Google updates, changes in the marketing ecosystem spurred on by Snapchat and big announcements in the AdWords space.

Top SEO News

Google Algo Update
There seems to be an update rolling out at Google. Barry Schwartz covered the chatter around results and a number of tools are reporting significant fluctuation. Interestingly, very few of Beanstalk’s clients are moving in either direction during this fluctuation. It will be interesting to see how things play out regarding who the winners and losers are.

Google’s Gary Illyes Does An AMA
‘Ask Me Anything’ with Google’s Gary Illyes at SMX East

At SMX East Google’s Gary Illyes hosted a dangerous (for Google anyways) AMA (Ask Me Anything).  It would of course me more dangerous if they didn’t often say “Fred” or “I don’t know”.  Either way they can be enlightening and over on Search Engine Land, Eric Enge covered the questions and the answers from sentiment analysis to featured snippets.

Structured Data & Featured Snippets
Google’s John Mueller confirmed on Twitter that structured data is not required for featured snippets.  Of course everyone who’s studied getting them knows this, but it’s a bit like “rankings don’t require links”.  Many don’t but let’s be honest – it’s WAY easier with them and that’s basically what John said about structured data.

Search Results In Knowledge Graph
Google Tests A Search Result In Local Knowledge Card

Google is obviously testing some new knowledge graph data. Barry Schwartz covered a discovery by Sergey Alakov of a search result being found in the knowledge graph. Google is toying a LOT in this area presently and this makes a lot of sense as it would facilitate the addition of more advertising in the space. I don’t know whether this specific feature will remain but we can expect to see more of this you can be sure.

Rounded Mobile Search Results
Google Rounded Search Results Design Interface Tests Continues

Also over on Search Engine Roundtable Barry covered the current testing of a more rounded design on mobile search results. I suspect this one will stay as it matches a lot of other design elements in mobile by Google and other companies and personally I just think it looks better.

Top PPC News

Google Home Services To Roll Out In New Cities
Google home services ads program rebrands, expanding to 30 cities by end of 2017

Ginny Marvin covered the announcement by Google that their home services program will be rolling out to 30 new cities by the end of 2017.  The program includes service categories like HVAC and plumbers and with some vetting by Google gives them a “Google guarantee” and they can then bid not by the click but by the job type.

Google AdWords & Optimize Linkable
As announced last spring Google AdWords and Optimize are now linkable. What this means is that testing data from Optimize will now be available directly in AdWords allowing managers to tailor specific ads to specific landing page variants.  Take this one step further and soon I suspect we’ll see Google automatically directing traffic to the best variants and further – likely creating them as well.

Top Social Media News

Snapchat Beating Google & Facebook

In augmented reality at least.   Business Insider covered the reaction of marketers to this new advertising medium and the success of Snapchat in it. To be honest, I hadn’t used Snapchat for more than a couple second before ignoring it … until this new Stranger Things lens came out and then I had to give it a try. I’m definitely not in the target demographic but even I can see why it’s so popular and marketer (including me) need to pay attention.

Internet Marketing-Related Tech

Sorry – nothing in this category this week.

Best Opinion Pieces

Measuring Social With Google Analtyics
Corey Morris wrote a great piece over on Search Engine Journal on some techniques to measure social success. If you’re a social marketer or just want to get a good feel for its impact on business there are some good ideas within. Recommended reading for anyone.

The Local Search Universe
The ever-growing local search universe

It’s one thing to know a few tips and tricks to enhance your local presence but Adam Dorfman wrote a very good piece for Search Engine Land outlining the overall local search landscape, who’s getting data from whom and more.  It’s a summary the recently updated US Local Search Ecosystem Tool by Whitespark.