About Beanstalk Internet Marketing

Beanstalk Internet Marketing was founded out of the need for ethical yet effective SEO firms. Too often, we felt, search engine optimization was being treated as either a “black art” or based somehow on luck.

Search engine optimization is neither of these. While there certainly are black-hat tactics out there that can sort-of work, they will not keep a site ranking indefinitely. On the other side of the coin, luck and chance have nothing to do with rankings. The search engines operate using complex mathematical algorithms. Essentially what this means is that there are sets of rules that, if obeyed, will establish your website in a top position.

The rules change periodically but the driving force behind them doesn’t. The search engines want to produce better, more relevant results for their users. SEO’s who understand this fact will produce results that will withstand the test of time. For those who try to use tricks for quicker results … they may attain top rankings for a while but eventually the site will be banned or simply drift down the results until it might as well not exist.

This is the philosophy behind Beanstalk Internet Marketing. To produce website signals that will rank them high, and hold those rankings.

And these are the basic driving principles of Beanstalk Internet Marketing. We work for our clients, we treat their money as we would ours and we stand behind our work.

Mary Davies


Mary Davies, President. Beanstalk Internet Marketing.Mary Davies began her Internet career as a web designer in 2002. She founded and operated a successful web design firm by the name of Far-sited Web Design after attending college to hone her design skills. Every site she designed ranked well for it’s targeted keyword phrases and more. This is due to her strong understanding and the importance of search engine friendly design, proper wording, and the importance of quality, unique content.

Her foremost strengths are:

  • search engine friendly design
  • site layout
  • usability
  • conversion optimization

Dave Davies


Dave Davies, CEO. Beanstalk Internet Marketing.Dave Davies began his Internet career with WeDoHosting.com in sales and marketing. His success in this role and in his own optimization efforts lead to his employment with a then smaller search engine positioning firm as their VP of Marketing. His success in marketing this firm lead to many large clients. He left to pursue his own objectives and later, with the help of his wife Mary, started Beanstalk Internet Marketing.

His foremost strengths are:

  • search engine optimization
  • statistics and user behavior analysis
  • content creation
  • link building

Beanstalk Is Proud To Be Associated With …

Webcology on Webmaster Radio
Listen to Dave Davies weekly on Webmaster Radio. Hosting the Webcology show with veteran SEO Jim Hedger, Dave speaks about SEO, SEM , PPC, changes in the search landscape and pretty much anything also that affects webmasters and the search marketing communities.

If you have any questions that were not addresses above on Beanstalk Internet Marketing or it’s management (or search engine optimization in general) please visit our frequently asked questions page or contact us. We’re always happy to answer any and all questions that you may have.