What do you do to my website?
This is perhaps one of the most difficult questions to answer as no two sites are the same. That said, we will evaluate your keywords, your competition and your website structure and content and develop a strategy to get your website top rankings. This can include onsite optimization (the adjustment of your meta tags, link structure, content, etc.), link building including submitting your website to applicable directories, reciprocal link building and whatever else may be required.
Why is link building important for high search engine rankings?
Link popularity (the number of websites linking to your site) is an extremely important factor in search engine optimization. The more related links pointing to your website and the more valuable the links the stronger your site will be considered by the major search engines. While not a replacement for solid on-site optimization, quality link-building will dramatically enhance the effects of good search engine optimization.
Do you use spam tactics in your optimization?
The short answer to this question is “no”. Short-term gains attained through black-hat SEO tactics will generally be negated by the loss that will be felt when the site gets penalized and/or blacklisted. Depending on the situation we may recommend some of the grey-hat SEO tactics however only when required and legitimate. Our main goal is to attain and maintained high rankings for our clients, not a quick hop up to #1 only to drop out of the rankings altogether shortly thereafter.
How long does the optimization process take?
This depends on the site we are given to work with and the requirements to reach the top positions. A 5 page site in a low competition area will obviously take less time than a 300 page site competing for highly competitive terms. Generally speaking however, an average promotion (20 page, aged website with moderate competition) would take approximately 2 weeks for site-optimization, many months link-building and up to 12 months or so to attain rankings. You will undoubtedly see improvements after just the optimization and once some of the links are picked up however in most cases it takes months of link building to realize the full effects of our SEO campaigns.
What is a penalty?
There area variety of different types of penalties. We’ve discussed and outlined some of them on our Google Penalties Page.
My competitors are using spam tactics, why is it working for them?
Not all spam is easily detected by the major search engines. Like hackers, every time a method gets detected a new method is created to bypass this. That said, it is usually a matter of time before the algorithm will be changed to detect new spam tactics and further, sites using spam can be reported and penalized individually. If you choose to use spam tactics to attain rankings there is a high likelihood that your site will eventually be penalized. That said, if you find that your competitors are succeeding using such tactics do yourself a favour and the search engine users at the same time by reporting search engine spam to the engines.
Will I have to create more content to attain high search engine rankings?
The answer here is a solid “maybe”. Depending on the competition levels, the size of your existing site and the site sizes of your main competitors, you may or may not have to develop additional content. If it is necessary, don’t think of it as a curse but rather an opportunity to further educate your visitors, show them why your offering is superior, that you know what you’re talking about, and also take the opportunity to write this content to target related but slightly different keywords.

Beanstalk Internet Marketing – Corporate FAQs:

Question How long have you been in business?
You can read all about us and Beanstalk’s history on our aptly named, About Us page.
Where are you located?
Beanstalk Internet Marketing is located in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada. If you would like to contact us please visit our Contact Us page.
Do you use automated software?
We use automated systems and crawlers for data collection but we’ve always strongly opposed the use of automated tools to tell us how to optimize a site. Is Wikipedia the same as a B&B in Maine? Then how can software tell you what to do with both? Obviously it can’t but what it’s great at is collecting massive information and putting it in a format that humans can digest.
How much are your Internet marketing services?
You can view our packages on our Internet Marketing page or contact us for a custom quote.
Can I do it myself?
Of course you can. With enough research, testing, and the vast number of hours an effective search engine optimization campaign will take on top of this, it is definitely possible to do it yourself. What you have to consider is whether it is worth your time. Generally, if it’s a business site you are better off focusing your energy on your business and letting professional SEO’s and webmasters work on your site.
Can using search engine optimization services hurt my rankings?
Using a search engine optimization firm by itself cannot hurt your rankings HOWEVER the tactics that they use can. If Google is aware that you have hired an SEO firm and you have a nice, well-optimized site with unique content and legitimate incoming links they are certainly not about to penalize you however, if the SEO you have hired is using black-hat tactics or other questionable means to attain rankings then your rankings can be hurt by their efforts.
Are there any clients that you won't take on?
There are two sets of websites which we will not optimize.

The first is websites targeting the same keywords as existing clients. We offer an exclusivity agreement to our clients and believe that this is the only ethical way to conduct our business. And our clients agree.

The only other sites that we will not work with are adult and casino websites. This has nothing to do with the competition levels as there are other, equally competitive industries and keyword targets out there that we are happy to challenge. Quite honestly we’re just not interested in looking at adult content all day, nor can we feel good about our work if the most we have done is get yet another porn site marketed to the world or “help” someone max out their credit cards on a poker site.