5 Quick Tips: Getting Email Subscribers

Give people a reason to join your email list.

Growing your email list is an important part of your business, are you taking advantage of all the different ways to capture on gaining new subscribers? Here is just a handful of the best practices you can use to grow your list of opt-ins.

How To Get Newsletter Subscribers …

#1 – Provide an incentive

Give them a good reason to sign up. Sometimes you have to give to get. Provide your readers with some type of incentive to join your mailing list. For example, you might want to offer them a digital download, such as an eBook or PDF for simply subscribing to your mailing list. Maybe you want to offer unique content to your email subscribers, a free mini course, an infographic or something else a user can get value out of. Make them an offer they cannot refuse and you can sit back and watch your subscriber list grow.

#2 – Place an email capture on every blog post

I have been looking at many blogs, and the ones which are most successful tend to have an email capture block in the middle or at the end of their blog post. The more opportunities you give your users to subscribe the more chances you have of growing your list. If you only have an email subscribe on your sidebar or on your home page you are missing out on a lot of opportunities because if a user finds your site through Google and it takes them into a specific blog post and they just spent time on that page; if you don’t have the email opt-in there then you are missing out on a potential subscriber.

#3 – The social media method

Ask and you shall receive. Take to social media, regularly share some of your most popular content. See what users are liking, or sharing that content and try to engage more with them by having a conversation. Ask them if they have already joined your email list. If they have not ask them if you can subscribe them or send them to a link where they can opt-in. A little bit of personal conversation can really go a long way. It may sound like a tedious task but I’m sure you will find many people will be happy to become one of your subscribers especially if you share valuable content.

#4 – Host a giveaway

Don’t you just love the opportunity to win something? Hosting a giveaway can be a great way to collect email addresses. Hosting a giveaway is super easy you can use tools like Rafflecopter which allow your website visitors multiple ways to enter your giveaway. Post your giveaways across all of your social media accounts and let it spread through word of mouth. If this works out well for you – repeat the process on a monthly basis – they will keep coming back for more!

#5 – People you already know

This one often gets overlooked, but it can be a real power house of a list building method. Ask people you already know if they might have some interest in what you are doing. I’m sure your personal email account might have a few hundred contacts from people you have talked to over the years. Send them all a brief personally about what you are doing and what your mission is. Ask them to forward some of your content to their friends who might also be interested and that could spread like wildfire.

About The Author

Krista Barrack is an email verification specialist at XVerify. She helps digital marketers improve email campaign success through data verification. Outside of the office, Krista also enjoys traveling, fitness, reading, and listening to podcasts.