lookingAs the search engines are logic-based it can follow that there are specific tactics that work with their algorithms, and other tactics that do not. Below you will find links to some search engine optimization tactics. These tactics are divided into three categories depending on whether they are legitimate SEO tactics, arguable, or purely black-hat.

whitehat_iconWhite-Hat SEO Tactics

Here you will find information on many of the SEO tactics which are considered legitimate by SEO’s and search engines alike.

Using these tactics, is the best and most highly recommended means of attaining high rankings. These tactics will not get you banned and while it may take a bit of time to reap the rewards, you will find your rankings holding over time.

greyhat_icon Grey-Hat SEO Tactics

Here you will find information on SEO tactics that, while legitimate if used correctly, have been subject to abuse by unethical SEO’s and webmasters.

While your website will likely not get banned for using these tactics and there are definitely times when they must be used, webmasters are cautioned in their use as tactics that are subject to abuse are often penalized by search engines even in their legitimate forms as exceptions are difficult to write into complex search engine algorithms.

blackhat_icon Black-Hat SEO Tactics

Here you will find information on SEO tactics that have been or at the very least should and certainly will be banned by the major search engines.

These are tactics that are subject to large scale abuse.

warning-iconDo NOT use these tactics.
They will get your website penalized and/or banned, if not today then soon.