deskWhat do security and conversions have in common? In most cases: a lot.

With the amount of fraud circulating on the Internet and the “wild west” mentality of many online merchants – not to mention the vast amount of media coverage that fraud and sp@m get people are rightfully wary of making purchases online. One of the keys to a successful online business then is to provide people with the necessary reassurances through both the content of your site as well as the the use of some third party tools. Third party tools are generally viewed as unbiased and can thus provide a significant amount of trust to your site, especially if they are from trusted sites themselves.

Thus, increased security leads to increased trust of your site which will then lead to increased conversions. And so security and conversions have a lot to do with each other.

Below you will find some of the better tools we’ve found on the web to help you increase your conversions through the trust that added security can bring.

Recommended Security & Conversion Tools

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