For those of you wanting to optimize your own websites we will soon be rolling out a number of free and freemium SEO tools.

The tools are not through development yet however we’re working on having them to you in the very near future.

Entity Crawler & Reporting Tool

The biggest one we’re working on presently is an entity detection and reporting tool. We’ll be looking for some alpha and beta testers and expect the alpha stage to be ready in August of 2020.

The early output of a page crawl looks like:

Entity crawler

We’re just working on ways of drawing in some additional data from the Knowledge Graph, and combining full site and competitor crawls into the data.

We’re also working on the interface, to make it more easily understood. By the beta stage we should have solidified the pulling in of content suggestions.

If you’re interested, we’d love to have you among our alpha testers. Feel free to sign up below for an invite as soon as it’s available !

Additional Tools Coming Soon

Some additional free and freemium tools we’ll be rolling out in the coming weeks include:

  • A Google  Ads account monitoring and bid adjustment script.
  • A keyword probability intent-met calculator.
  • A pre-rendering engine failure notification tool.
  • A Knowledge Graph monitoring tool

And Here Are A Couple Currently-Available Free SEO Tools

Stopword Filter (beta)

When you need to filter out stopwords to analyze or create tag clouds out of content, this is the tool for you.

Used in conjunction with other methods discussed in our articles and on our blog you can use this tool to get a strong feel for what entities your competitors are using on their sites.

Quick SEO Site Audit

While automated tools aren’t perfect, they can provide a bit of insight into how you stack up against your competitors.

On this page you’ll find a quick site audit tool fromSEMrush.

Not Currently Taking Clients

Our goal always has to be to serve our currently clients to the best of our abilities, which means from time-to-time we can't take on new clients.

What we can do is add you to our wait list (~2 to 3 months) or refer you to one of our peers that we trust to serve you well.

Please fill out the form on this page for either of these options.