Google Hosting?

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It’s pretty much a given, what Microsoft strives to be in the OS arena Google strives to be on the ‘Net … everything.

From a recent discovery by ZDNet’s Garett Rogers posted on their Google blog Garett reveals his discovery that hidden in the GMail code is the following line:

function vJ(){if(uy){;return”+”Manage this domain”+” | “}else{return””}}

The key piece in here that gives us a glimpse of what’s to come is the “Manage this domain”. What this indicates, according to Garett and certainly a reasonable assumption, is that Google is in the process of developing their own mail servers allowing people to set as thei mail server and have the main for their domain ( for example) routed through the Google mail servers.

Taking this one step further and based in part on the launch of Google Web Page Creator last week and building on the launch of Google Analytics (for free) it appears that the fine folks at Google are preparing to not just index the Internet, they want to control it by monitoring how people use your site (Google Analytics), control how you design and host your site (Google Web Page Creator) and now, control how you communicate over the Internet with others.

So what’s next for Google? If it’s up to Sergey it would be an elevator to the moon (seriously) but more likely … a full scale hosting service, probably free provided that you show these little ads on your pages. And then? Well, all that’s left after total domination of the Internet would be that elevator plan. 🙂

For more reading on what Google’s up to the ZDnet Google Blog is definitely one for your “Favorites”.

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