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This content is 6 years old. Please, read this page keeping its age in mind as SEO changes rapidly and while the past is useful to remember and reference, it often doesn't provide the best strategies to apply today.

Let’s focus on local blog content and the importance of including the world around you. After all, including relevant local businesses is the name of the game. Continual networking online is what can make or break you just as it does in the real world. This helps in the form of content and getting in front of clients that could possibly use your services.

Lets use Real Estate for an example …

Every home owner knows how much work goes into a house. I’m sure you’ve watched enough HGTV (Home and Garden Television) or DIY YouTube videos to know that these resources can be priceless.

Blog publications should stretch beyond market conditions and mortgage rates. In fact, what I’ve seen work for many Realtors is timeless resource materials. Content that works is DIY plumbing, “how to” landscaping tips or practically anything that has to do with home repair at a novice level. Begin by creating the proper categories such as plumbing, landscaping, home staging and so on and make sure to focus on the categories related to the most searched-for topics. Next, find experts in these fields.

How do I decide who to use in the instructional content?

Go to Google maps and search for businesses that are related to homes in your location. For instance,contractors you could search for home contractors. One-by-one review the businesses that invest in blogging and social and that appear to be high quality and make a list of your favorites.

Now that you have a list of potentials businesses you need to decide on the content you want them involved in. For instance, if you chose home contractors so you could have them be the face of simple repairs like moldings and floor repair and ask them to do a piece on how it’s done.

Once you have the content written make sure you mark up the content with Schema and use the correct keywords. This helps associate the material with the company involved in developing the content.

Finding local businesses to participate shouldn’t be hard since it is extra advertising and they know you have a competent publishing plan. Remember to do more than just send a quick e-mail, make time to phone them if their time permits. Explain the benefits that a long term content relationship will have for them. You may have the opportunity to write content on their blogs as well. It all depends on how well you manage your relationships.

Author schemaSchema helps Google identify the author and the keywords most used when searching this content. If the people are active bloggers and are an authority in the area then it doesn’t hurt to have your content shuffled in with theirs in the SERPs. I plan to explain this Schema Strategy at a later time to help with identifying the process.

Once you have enough well placed DIY content published people will begin to recognize that you are a resource for the industry. Home owners like me will go and reference your material and probably more than once.

By building a local network of relevant business your strength has room to grow and be seen and has a better chance at that thing they call link building.

This similar thought process can be used in virtually all industries.

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