Today In SEO & Search News: March 22, 2017

Today In SEO & Search News: March 22, 2017

This content is 5 years old. Please, read this page keeping its age in mind as SEO changes rapidly and while the past is useful to remember and reference, it often doesn't provide the best strategies to apply today.

Wondering what happened today in search and SEO? Well here are today’s top stories from around the web.

Search Engine Journal Stats
Search Engine Journal conducted a Twitter poll that was summarized by Rina Caballar on their site. The stats are based on a Twitter survey sent out to SEJs audience so doesn’t need to be taken in that context but provides some interesting stats about where money is going.  A quick read and that might provide you some insight into what your peers are doing.

Bing Remarketing Webcast
Bing announced on the Bing Ads blog today that they’ll be hosting a webcast on March 30 at 11am PDT called The Art and Science of Remarketing Optimization.  The goal of the webcast is to aid those who have difficultly understanding or implementing remarketing wrap their brains around it and get it done efficiently. I imagine it’ll be a fairly introductory course but for those readers who are thinking of getting into it, even via AdWords, it’s likely worth the time and cost of entry (which is free).

Google Dedicates Space To Museums, Movies, Musicians & Sports
The Henry Ford MuseumDanny Sullivan over on Search Engine Land covered the rollout of Google Posts.  As he mentioned, they rolled out last year as a way of giving specific organizations direct access to Google search space. At the time it was made available to political candidates and a small group of businesses and allowed them to post information directly onto Google ‘s servers.  You can see above an example from the Henry Ford Museum. What I find interesting about this is that it’s once again focused on providing more search real estate to non-commercial information.

Site Issues That Impact Performance

Display issue impact on users

Jim Yu over on Search Engine Land covered some very interesting stats on the impact of display issues on user behavior.  Not surprisingly the impact is very significant. What I found curious is that the bounce by folks who’s images didn’t load was the same as for a slow site. Jim goes further in the article to offer advice on how to prioritize and repair the issue.

Show Folks Where You Are With Google Maps
Michael Liedtke wrote for the Associated Press of a new “feature” rolling out on Google Maps starting today. We all know that Google is tracking your location to provide services (and ads) to you. Now you’ll be able to share your location with others.  The article points out the obvious friction that could result from partners or parents insisting that location sharing be turned on at all times. I’m personally going to be very interested in how widely this gets used and don’t worry – it’s not Big Brother if you turned it on yourself.

That’s all the news for the day. If you think we missed anything please feel free to add it in the comments below and we’ll be back tomorrow with of what’s going on in search and SEO.

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