The Week In Search & SEO: August 3, 2018

The Week In Search & SEO: August 3, 2018

This content is 4 years old. Please, read this page keeping its age in mind as SEO changes rapidly and while the past is useful to remember and reference, it often doesn't provide the best strategies to apply today.


It has been a fast-paced week in the world of search. If you think that you might have been paying too much attention to Google core algorythm updates that you might have missed something, then here is a roundup of the latest news in this week’s edition of This Week in Search.

Top Global Search News

Google: Clear Content Structure Helps But If Done Wrong, Won’t Hurt 

In what seems like a paradoxical statement, Google’s John Mueller says that using header tags in the wrong order will not hurt rankings. He says that he is concerned that those webmasters who do not follow the code in a logical way will end up with broken code eventually.

Google Search Adds Dataset Schema Support to Search Results 

Google search adds dataset schema support to search results

Originally introduced as science datasets in search over a year ago, Google is simply calling them datasets and expanding them far beyond science. Writers can now use dataset markup schema to display a variety of different types of data allowing news organizations to determine how their results are displayed.

Google Confirms Broad Search Algorithm Update is Rolling Out 

Google has confirmed that they have rolled out a broad core algorithm update starting last week. In announcing the update on Twitter, Google says that webmasters who are hurt by the update need to keep producing great content. According to Google, these updates are not meant to harm anyone but are meant to reward previously under-performing sites.

Google to Add Q&A, FAQ, and How-To Features in Search Results 

Google to Add Q&A, FAQ, and How-To Features in Search Results

At Google Dance Singapore, the company announced a feature allowing them to show frequently asked questions, questions and answers along with how-to content similar to the way that they offer featured snippets now. The rollout has raised many questions including who will produce the content and whether this is the reason for introducing table datasets.

Google Post Insights Shows You How Well your Google Posts are Performing 

Google Posts is now showing limited analytics in Google Insights. If your post has no views, over a 100 percent increase from the week before or you do not have any posts, then this feature will not be available. While you can see the analytics on both mobile and desktop versions, it will not show up if you are using the app.

Google Tests Image Icons In Related Searches 

Google Tests Image Icons In Related Searches

Valentin Pletzer found an interesting feature with related searches showing icons. When clicked on, they expand like featured snippets.

Bing Knowledge Panels Cite Sources & Can Pull From Facebook & YouTube 

Bing Knowledge Panels Cite Sources & Can Pull From Facebook & YouTube

Bing is implementing a refreshing change of pace where they are crediting their sources. The company is also pulling from Facebook and YouTube in order to try to provide more details in their knowledge panels.

Google Now Recommends Date Published & Modified Structured Data To Non-AMP Articles 

Google Now Recommends Date Published & Modified Structured Data To Non-AMP Articles

According to Aaron Bradley, Google is now recommending that people use datePublished and dateModified structured data on non-AMP articles. Aaron even goes so far as to suggest that doing so may encourage Google to add these articles to carousels.

Google Says Raters Guidelines is Key to Broad Core Update 

According to Google’s Danny Sullivan, the role of the company’s search raters is to serve as quality control agents for their algorithm. They have no direct control of the algorithm nor can people see the individual ratings for their websites. Just days after releasing their new Google Search Rater Guidelines, the company instituted a broad core update to their algorithm. Danny Sullivan suggests key takeaways from those guidelines if you have not taken the time yet to read the entire document.

Google Comparison Carousel In Search 

Google Comparison Carousel In Search

While its usefulness may be questionable because of the lack of details, Google is showing side-by-side comparisons of products based on recommendations from popular search sites. It may be that Google is garnering the information from structured data.

Top Local Search News

Google Local “You Recently Viewed” Search Panel 

Google Local "You Recently Viewed" Search Panel

Google has introduced a “recently viewed” carousel when you look at hotels on the site. It appears that you do not necessarily have to click on the property to have it appear in the carousel. It was spotted by a webmaster who was conducting hotel brand research.

Google Tests Another Design Variation Of Hotel Search Results 

Google Tests Another Design Variation Of Hotel Search Results

Google has once again changed the way that they are showing hotel cards. When the change was first spotted, the company was showing four cards in a horizontal pattern, but now they are exhibiting two cards side-by-side with the option to load even more.

Top PPC News

Bing Ads Rolls Out Target CPA & Maximize Conversions Bidding Strategies 

Bing Ads rolls out Target CPA & Maximize Conversions bidding strategies

Businesses who have had at least 15 conversions in the last 30 days are eligible to participate in Bing’s Target CPA and Conversions Bidding programs that have been in testing for more than a year. See the handy conversion chart in this article to help you decide if these new programs will help you.

Google Ads Removing Mobile App Exclusion 

Google pickpocket

Starting in September, the exclusion and the GMob mobile app non-interstitial exclusion will no longer be available. You need to go to meet your current goals, you need to go into Google Ads and adjust your existing parameters. Get step-by-step advice with screenshots.

Top Social Media News

YouTube on Desktop Now Plays Vertical Videos Without Black Bars 

YouTube on Desktop Now Plays Vertical Videos Without Black Bars

While recording in horizontal mode is still preferred, YouTube has announced that they are no longer showing horizontal black bars on the side of videos shot vertically. The company originally rolled out the change about a year ago for mobile viewers, but it is now active on the desktop version as well.

Internet Marketing-Related Tech

Sorry – there’s nothing in this section this week but if you think we missed anything please feel free to leave us a comment below.

Best Opinion Pieces

Report: Google Mobile Speed Update has no Impact on General Mobile Rankings 

According to the people at SEO PowerSuite who examined more than 1 million pages spread across 33,500 keywords, there were almost no changes on search result pages a week after the Google Mobile Speed Update. The company plans on running the update again in the future to see if there are any changes long term.

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