Content Marketing Strategy #PubCon

This content is 7 years old. Please, read this page keeping its age in mind as SEO changes rapidly and while the past is useful to remember and reference, it often doesn't provide the best strategies to apply today.


Dave Roth

At the end of the day a great content strategy is based on the ability being able to story tell. Telling a good story is half the battle but identifying who or what the story is going to be about. Each client is case by case. For example in RealEstate the story would be about the home and for a baseball player it would be of the player themselves. Identifying who or what lends itself to what methodology but most of all creating trust between your brand and your client.

The ability to share your content is about finding and adding those influences within your community. Fully optimizing your social circles and how you use it before you publish should be predetermined before publication. (hashtags, communities and shot-outs)

Finding the creative content is about keeping an eye for trends (keyword) whether it is an influencer or subject that will create the drive behind the content to achieve positive rippling. That rippling is what will push that content creating the traffic needed to make an impact.

Measurement may be small but can be used to future build for an even bigger ROI. Keep an eye out for those blip no matter how small but learn to recognize what made that blip to begin with then move on to exaggerate on that.

Chris Bennet

Every client your going to want to build your strategy from the ground up. Content is simple- gets to the point easy lay out. Your user doesn’t intend to spend a lot of time trying their way around. Keep that in mind.

Building content keep your eyes on social media platforms Chris’s fave is is Reddit if it is popular content then your going to find it there. Find big sources of content and research where they are sourcing their material and add those sources to your campaign.

Vanity content is one of the best ways to create circulation and intercept an audience that will accept you for future publications.

Keep an eye out for valuable statistics and data. Data is valuable but trim it off to keep your readers interested. Not long winded-maintain value-maintain logical steps that guide r reader to the final conclusion.

Become the expert by talking about other experts and share the trust with their audience. Once again vanity play is a crucial key that helps get you the views needed. If a circle of communication is created make a slide share that track back to the conversation. This alone can raise the traffic by 12% ontop of the immediate views.

If you highlight an influencer work together and encourage shares on social or other publication platforms. If the influencer is slow to sharing encourage them by socially encouraging their ego. THE SHOUT OUT


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