Blogcology December 12, 2013

This content is 5 years old. Please, read this page keeping its age in mind as SEO changes rapidly and while the past is useful to remember and reference, it often doesn't provide the best strategies to apply today.

Rand Fishkin CEO of MOZ stepped aside to teach new CEO Sarah Bird. The Moz team have had many positive years as well as managed to evolve with the fast changing world of SEO. The future is in great hands with Sarah Bird who has always been a fearless personality, a world class academic but most importantly, has complete faith from the team. Congratulations to all at MOZ.

Watch out repeat offenders Google is going to get you! It’s been made official, if you repeatedly get penalized it could take you years for your record to be repaired. Since the Florida update Google has kept a detailed record of your history and if it’s been flawed don’t expect to have it simply fixed. It could be if this has happened and you turn for help you could easily be turned away and told to get a whole new domain. Is this fair? Yes it is, and not only is it fair but it cleans up poor practice and unethical madness on the internet. This will clear the path for honest business practice and regain the trust needed for a healthy e-commerce world.
What if I need to get a new domain? The best tool for that is the use of Majestic SEO and check out the historical index for any negative backlinks going to the domain you’re looking at buying. If you’re a small Mom and Pop store that wants to use a certain domain take it in to the closest white hat SEO and have them do the research on it for you. I’m sure they can let you know if it has a positive or negative history.

Anglo Rank customers are getting penalized with inbound link warnings. Of course they are and were going to achieve a warning the minute they signed up. You don’t buy links!!! No sympathy in this post.

Dixon Jones from Majestic SEO joined Jim Hedger and Carolyn Shelby this week for a fantastic interview. First on the topic was the newest addition to Majestic; their new search engine. Dixon explains that this Search Engine Alpha is like no other – being subscription based it cuts out the digital crap. It’s primarily meant for pure research purposes that indexes over a ninety day period with over billions of urls picked up daily. Cooperative bandwidths shared by individual hard drives allow for international crawling which helps produce the billions of urls. Created for simple use it produces positive targets and link prospects. This transparent search speeds up the research time by sidestepping digital crud and helps give a more accurate more positive result.

* If you buy links you’re simply dumb
* SEO Moz is ready for a clear future
* Google will spank you if you keep playing dumb
* Dixon Jones sounds like Ricky Gervais

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