Directly tied to search engine optimization is where your website is hosted. A good hosting company will help you avoid downtime which is critical to maintain top rankings. While we do not operate the web hosting companies listed below we have run tests to insure they have reasonable access speeds and that they have a minimum of a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Should you know of any reason why one of the companies listed below should not be on the list please contact us and let us know including the reason. We will contact them and assess their eligibility.

Recommended Web Hosting Companies & Resources

WPengine logo




We host our own site on WPengine and have, because of the reliable servers and awesome support, moved more than a couple clients there.


Host Gator*

We’re HUGE fans of HostGator. They’ve repeatedly impressed us with their pricing, service, uptime and the features and functions they include.

Accu Web Hosting

Accu Web Hosting

Affordable but realistically priced. They don’t offer a lot in the way of unlimited plans because unlimited means someone else on your server can use up a ton of resources and slow your site. Good uptime guarantee.

Canadian Hosting

Canadian Web Hosting

While most of our clients are American and thus seeking US-based hosting, when they need Canadian hosting we’ve found Canadian Web Hosting to be a solid recommendation.  Affordable and their uptime is excellent.


Web Hosting Companies We Would Not Recommended


Blue Host

We used host our site with Blue Host. Now we don’t. Completely unacceptable period of downtime, one for over 24 hours and lackluster communications beyond “we’re working on it and really appreciate your business.” Yet somehow they got their site back up in a few hours but clients had to wait about 21 more than that.



Another of the companies we used to recommend.  They did a decent job for the price on some secondary services and then everything went wrong. the last attempt we had in trying to move a site there took over 24 hours just to get cPanel setup, it was done wrong, and the support was a nightmare.



From spending 2 months attempting to get our site functioning on one of their servers (a site that works with even the most basic package from Bluehost) to getting a call out of the blue from a collection agent with no attempts to contact us prior notifying us that there was anything outstanding (the account was cancelled but I lost the will to argue about it) they’re fairly high on our “not recommended” list.



Once upon a time we recommended HostNine but no longer.  Their own internal systems do not function and the whole thing is a bit of a mess.  They’re cheap – there’s that but you definitely get what you pay for.

Disclosure: If you see an asterisk after the name of the hosting company that means we are a member of their affiliate program and will profit in some way should you use the link and sign up for a package. We don’t recommend any services we wouldn’t or haven’t use and as you can see, we also include resources we don’t recommend based on poor experiences but we wanted you to know.