Directories can play an important role in the life of your website both as sources of great, qualified traffic and also in the part they can play in a thorough search engine optimization strategy. Only the major Internet directories are included in this list, that is certainly not to say that these are the only directories that can benefit your website. There are many topical and regional directories that can provide both targeted traffic and relevant links to your website.

Major Directories

Open Directory
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You must first find the appropriate category and submit your site to it. It can take months for your website to get listed and there are rumors about editors editting sites in their own category and not listing competitors. If your website is not listed within 8 weeks it is a good idea to email the editor of your category and/or submit your website to a new category if available.
Best Of The Web
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Best of the Web is the oldest directory (and in many ways the best directory) on the net. Since DMOZ has become effectively paralyzed we’ve started relying on the Best of the Web directory to provide a highly trusted link to client sites.
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Submission cost is $299/yr which gets you a listing and (if you’re a US company) a company page.

Secondary Directories


Review Fee (not guaranteed listing)

$39 one time.
$69 annually $199 one time.
$50 annually or $150 one time.
$69 one time.
Notice: JoeAnt was removed from this list on November 28, 2013 when it appeared as an example of an “unnatural link” by Google.